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'''Check Job Utilities'''
Posted by Brian May

I use this utility on occasion to force a program to wait for a job that it submitted to complete before continuing.  This is especially handy when testing.

This utility has 3 CL programs that can be called.
#'''''UTCCHKJOB''''' - This program accepts two parameters, the Job Name(10A) and a Return Value(1A).  The program checks all active batch jobs for the job name and passes back Y if the job is found.  Otherwise, the program passes back N.
#'''''UTCCHKJOBQ''''' - This program is similar to UTCCHKJOB, but it accepts the Library(10A) and Jobq(10A) as additional parameters and checks the jobq for the job in question.
#'''''UTCJOBWAIT''''' - This program combines the previous two.  It accepts Library, Jobq, and Job Name as parameters.  It then checks the jobq for the job.  It keeps checking the jobq until the job leaves.  Then the program checks the active jobs for the job.  It will continue checking until the job is no longer found.