Tutorials 101

This site is running new PHP toolkit via ibm_db2 connection. Some of the information in this tutorial is out of date with current practices, but i was asked to restore the download, etc.

Please start with beginner link before attempting advanced topics below.

You just installed PHP, but what’s next?

  • How can I utilize PHP on System i along with my RPG applications?
  • Can I call PHP scripts from my RPG applications?
  • What are the “best practices” to keep me from troubled PHP code?


The following tutorials focus on themes you are likely to experience coding PHP with RPG. Examples borrow a concept from Object Oriented programmers named Model/View/Controller pattern (web search MVC), but examples are simple procedural code (RPG-like). The MVC pattern saves you a ton of trouble as you change and evolve various elements of your web applications (goes for RPG too).

download code in demo (very old)


Tony “Ranger” Cairns - IBM i PHP / PASE