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October 01, 2008, at 09:42 PM EST by Brian May - Joomla Installation Instructions
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Installation instructions coming soon!
Installation of Joomla on i is extremely easy considering the complexity of the application itself. For this guide, we will assume that Zend Core and MySQL are already configured and running on the system.

*Go to the [[ | Joomla website]] and download the latest stable version of the software. For me, this was 1.5.6.

*Unzip the downloaded file to your PC.

*Create a folder in the Zend Core directory on your IFS. For my install, the path was ‘/www/zendcore/htdocs/site/”.

*Copy the contents extracted from the ZIP file into the new directory created on the IFS. This can be done using most FTP programs as well as with Operations Navigator.

*Create a database in MySQL (be sure to write down the database name, user name, and password) :

##Go into the PASE environment (STRQSH)
##cd /usr/local/mysql/bin/
##$ mysql -u root
##GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON Joomla.* TO “Joomla”@”localhost” IDENTIFIED BY “password”;

*Navigate your browser to http://yourwebsite:89/joomladirectory

*The installation program will launch.

*Choose the language for your install.


*Next the installer will perform a preinstallation check.  It should pass without incident.


*Accept the license agreement.


*On the next screen, enter the database information you entered in MySQL.


*The installer will then ask for information regarding FTP.  I do not usually set this up and have not run into any problems yet.


*Almost there!  Enter a name for your site, the email and password for the Joomla admin account, and select "Install Default Sample Data" if this is your first install.  The sample data can easily be deleted once your site is running, but it is extremely useful when first learning to use Joomla.


*Now you are done!  The installer will ask you to delete the installation directory from the IFS before it will let you begin to use the system.  You can do this easily in Operations Navigator or your favorite FTP client.


*Now you can see your site with the sample data at yoursite:89/joomladirectory/

*To begin changing the content and style of your site, navigate to yoursite:89/joomladirectory/administrator/ and login as "admin" using the password you created during installation.

Joomla is a very large application and a guide for using and configuring your site with Joomla is outside the scope of this wiki.  There are numerous books available on the topic as well as the documentation at the [[ | Joomla Help Site]].
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Installation instructions coming soon!