DB 2 Storage Engine Orig

Package Information
Summary MySql DB2 Storage Engine
Maintainers Jian CDL Li IBM China <cdllij@cn.ibm.com>
License BSD
Binaries {ZendDBi download} - see Zend site here
  • Zend DBi erases any uncertainty about the future of IBM i as a supported MySQL platform: it’s built using the same open-source code used to build MySQL, and will be kept up to date by Zend and IBM with all features and bug fixes introduced in MySQL
  • Zend supplies all binaries for ZendDBi (IBM does not provide PTFS)
  • {IBM i PTFs} - IBM i V5R4, V6, or V7 - Latest PTF cumulative: Java, DB2
  • {MySql DB2 PTFs} IBM i - additional IBM i PTF enabler enhancements to DB2 for IBMDB2i
    • Note: If you do not understand PTFs vs. ZendDBi click the documentation link below to see the big picture.
Description Open Source MySql code that enables DB2 backed MySql applications.
  • below source supersedes standard MySql source distribution directory storage/ibmdb2i (update replacement source)
  • “Zend Server — How to install ZendDBi” http://rodflohr.com/?p=119
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{Download Patch} - replace db2i_constraints.cc — fix foreign key issue
Available Releases
Version State Release Date Downloads
5.1.50 stable 2010–12–21 Changelog


A subset of the standard pear tests for MySql are used to test DB2 Storage Engine. Capabilities and behaviours across storage engines are similar but never exact, so you should not expect perfect fit porting any given MySql application to ibmdb2i.

Available Releases
Version State Release Date Downloads
5.1.50 stable 2013–02–05
  • pear tests — php5.3.6.zip
  •  pear test cases for ibmdb2i
    pear run (see set-up):
    call qp2term
    > cd /home/minime
    > unzip php5.3.6.zip
    > export PATH=/usr/local/zendsvr/bin:$PATH
    > export LIBPATH=/usr/local/zendsvr/lib
    > cd mysqli52/, mysqli53/, etc.
    > pear *.phpt
    Set-up for tests:
    call qp2term
    > chmod 0775 /usr/local/mysql/bin/my.cnf                                 (Zend shipped wrong authorisation -- ignored) 
    > cp /usr/local/mysql/bin/my.cnf /usr/local/mysql/bin/my.cnf-orig        (make a copy -- just in case)
    > echo 'default-storage-engine=IBMDB2I' >> /usr/local/mysql/bin/my.cnf   (be careful, >> append, > is replace)
    > cat /usr/local/mysql/bin/my.cnf                                        (cat will let you see your changes)
      You will need to start/stop ZendDBi server (go zendsvr/zsmenu), 
       but before start/stop you most likely want to
       move/copy/delete old database info out of way new engine,
       before recreate all your PHP script tables again. 
       -- http://myibmi(:10088)/phpMyAdmin/                                     (easy tool move/copy shipped Zend Server)