If you know little about PASE see this link PASE In A Nutshell.

Topical information intended to help PASE geek developers

  • Security
    • PASE chroot overly secure PASE deployments (not all roses)
  • Debug
    • GUI System Debugger system debugger (PASE too)
      • generally works but for large projects many files only use the PASE attach option (start from scratch is terrible slow)
      • IBM knows there are issues, but is lower priority over giving runtime PASE products (Java, PHP, etc.)
    • dbx green screen dbx works PASE (call qp2term)
      • interface more commonly used by PASE pros (real men use green screen eh)
      • one past learning the command line syntax, this is very powerful tool (perhaps worth your time)
      • if compiling with gcc, you may need to use gdb (we need section on this here)
    • Debug Secrets PASE debug secrets from masters (STRSST, Vlogs)
  • Coding, compile
    • useful geek template setup and use open source compile environment
    • useful geek utilities
    • need working knowledge _ILECALL from PASE<>ILE if you wish to call system APIs
  • Existing AIX binaries
    • (PASE binaries) scripts included at Yips ( → — MAYBE find AIX pre-compiled binaries for your project
      • scripts intended to install AIX harvest binaries+dependencies that work across many releases of IBM i PASE
      • RPM binaries downloaded and installed are rarely “latest level”, because that leads PASE architecture mismatch
      • you are welcome to blaze trail to new binary releases, but often this will eliminate old PASE releases (cough V5R4)
  • PASE Info

CCSID issues

Have CCSID issues? Junk characters? Nothing works?

  • IBM i actions, see CCSID


Tony “Ranger” Cairns - IBM i PHP / PASE