Linux SSH


Using SSH for secure PASE command prompt with X GUI enabled. This option does not require vnc on the i5/OS or the linux box. I find the single ssh -X command the easiest and fastest performing non-green screen interaction with i5/OS for X-related applications (GUI).



ssh commonly included with most linux distributions.


Start a terminal.
>ssh --help
>ssh -X myi5machine
If you get a lot of Bad Atom messages use:
>ssh -Y myi5machine
-- or --
>ssh -X (if your PC is not same user name)

Make sure that you have a home directory on the server
for the userid you sign on with (/home/userid),
so that a .Xauthority file can be created.


I use this configuration for most of my non-green screen interaction with i5/OS. With ssh -X, I find most X graphical applications like nedit perform well on i5/OS.

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