These are commonly referenced IBM provided products that run in PASE.

  • AIX xlc compiler in PASE
    • xlcSetup - download trial version of xlc compiler for PASE
  • PASE ssh encrypted communications
    • SSHSetup ssh(client) and sshd (server i5/OS) - provide secure encrypted communications between two untrusted hosts over an insecure network.
  • Series Developer Tools
    • 5799PTLPRPQ - download toolkit
      • Utilities: getjoblog, getsplf, getcmdsplf, datacat, delcr, edtmbr, edtstmf, ez, ez2ascii, ez2other, ez2plain, ez2punchcard, emacs, ezmrg, mred, mrhex, review, bison, flex, gawk, gmake, icc, ld, makedepend, cpio, del, dspdirinf, gzip, qar, runcmddir, ASCII telnet server (strpasesvr), iceWM, perl, perl-DBD, perl-DBI, pflow, pipescript, ps, unflow, VNC, xcut
  • perl in PASE