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PASE: Package Manager

(replaced by OPS product)

Replaced by OPS product see this link to start OpenSourceBinaries.


RPM package manager is used to install, update and remove AIX binary packages (file.rpm) in PASE. The rpm binaries are hosted on the IBM web site AIX Toolbox for Linux Applications. The wget utility allows your i5/OS to directly download rpms from a PASE command line or PASE script (



Download the RPM binary and the wget utility.

From previous step:
1) Create a download directory for all rpms and scripts
call qp2term
>mkdir /QOpenSys/download
2) Download rpm.rte the rpm package manager and wget
Click on rpm.rte and wget.rpm (above),
and ftp the files to /QOpenSys/download
(use binary option of ftp).
3) setup rpm and wget
call qp2term
>cd /QOpenSys/download
rpm  ... is installed ...
wget ... is installed ...
4) You may now use the script.
call qp2term
>cd /QOpenSys/download
> --help
Or from batch job:
SBMJOB CMD(QSH CMD(‘/QOpenSys/usr/bin/sh -c “/QOpenSys/download/ getsomething” >
 /tmp/wwwinstall.txt 2>&1')) 

Download any of the packages from RPM List using


Using the provided is probably the easiest way to download and install AIX RPM Open Source binaries, because “attempts” to load all dependent packages. However, you can also load AIX binaries packages using manual steps (see below). uses wget (web get), which assumes that your IBM i able/allowed to talk with the Internet world. However, “some” IBM i machines are hiding behind proxies (and such), but Google is your friend … like this article wget behind proxy

i5/OS ftp example:
Name> ftp
Password> your e-mail address
ftp> namefmt 1
ftp> cd aix/freeSoftware/aixtoolbox/INSTALLP/ppc
ftp> lcd /QOpenSys/download
ftp> bin
ftp> get rpm.rte
ftp> cd ../../RPMS/ppc/wget
ftp> get wget-1.9.1-1.aix5.1.ppc.rpm
ftp> quit
rpm manual actions:
call qp2term
> rpm --version
  RPM version 3.0.5
> rpm --help
  help stuff
> cd /QOpenSys/download
> rpm -qlp zip-2.3-3.aix4.3.ppc.rpm
  list contents of a package
> rpm -qRp zip-2.3-3.aix4.3.ppc.rpm
  list of dependencies
> rpm --ignoreos --ignorearch --nodeps --replacepkgs -hUv *.ppc.rpm
> rpm --ignoreos --ignorearch --nodeps --replacepkgs -hUv wget-1.9.1-1.aix5.1.ppc.rpm
  Install a package(s)
  Note 1: The first install of any *.ppc.rpm will create the
  file /var/opt/freeware/lib/rpm/packages.rpm
  Note 2: We force rpm into working on PASE with AIX RPM packages
  by specifying overrides --ignoreos --ignorearch --nodeps. 
> rpm -qa
  query of products installed
  Note: if you get an error about packages.rpm missing you need to
  install at least one *.ppc.rpm before query will work.
>rpm --nodeps -e gedit-2.2.1-2
 Note: This will erase/(remove) the gedit product from the system (risky).

bull software
/usr/bin/rpm --ignoreos --ignorearch --nodeps --ignoresize --replacepkgs --noscripts -hUvv MySQL-server-5.5.10-1.aix5.3.ppc.rpm



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Tony “Ranger” Cairns - IBM i PHP / PASE

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