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PASE: Pdf 2 Ps Outq

This page was created by request of ZendCon/LUG members that wanted a IBM i only way to transform PDF documents to PostScript and then send to a IBM i OUTQ (printer).

Software Prerequisites

       Note: Use the instructions found here: Open Source Binaries


The PASE script will transform PDF (input.pdf) to PostScript (, then copy PostScript to OUTQ (qgpl/qprint). Feel free to modify to fit your needs (change outq, etc.).

Usage (example IFS /home/adc, but any dir will do):

call qp2term
> cd /home/adc
> input.pdf
QSH CMD('/home/adc/ /home/adc/input.pdf /home/adc/')
SBMJOB CMD(QSH CMD('/home/adc/ /home/adc/input.pdf /home/adc/'))

Note from user CL *USERASCII …

Thank you for your effort, it all worked for me. Except one minor issue.

“cat” command.

For me, when I didn’t use “cat -c” (note the switch “-c”) and then I printed the generated “*USERASCII spooled file” on the real hardware paper printer (Postscript ASCII stream) it printed plain garbage text on the paper. I had the issue only when I run it from iSeries CL command: QSH cmd(‘cat …’). If the “cat” command was run directly from qsh shell then all is OK even without “-c” switch.

Switch “-c” on iSeries PASE “cat” command means: no translate/conversion of “text/binary” data. Best regards

Author Tony “Ranger” Cairns

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