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AIX Toolbox RPM Downloads

There are a variety of Open Source binaries available from the AIX Toolkit site. With the exception of the base support and utilities, packages have not been well tested in PASE, but are included in the wwwinstall.sh script. The gnome/kde suite of products on the AIX toolkit site has not been tested at all in PASE.

The PASE wwwinstall.sh script has attempted to include commonly related RPMs into one operation to avoid tiresome downloading of individual packages from the site by hand. In general you will need to install the Base packages support before the various high level utilities will function.

Base libraries and utilities

www install.sh GetBase

  • RPM(s): bash-doc bash bc bzip2 findutils gettext git grep gzip info less lsof lsof mawk patch popt prngd readline rpm-build rpm rxvt screen sed sharutils sudo tar tcsh unzip which zip zsh

www install.sh GetXbase

  • RPM(s): aalib glib gtk+ gtk-doc gtk-engines gtkhtml2 libjpeg libmng libpng libtiff libungif Xaw3d Xbae xcursor xfce xpm

www install.sh GetWbase

  • RPM(s): curl expat jade librep libxml2 libxslt lynx pcre squid texinfo webmin wget zlib

www install.sh GetXbase2

  • RPM(s): glib2 gtk2-engines gtk2


www install.sh GetPropList

  • RPM(s): libPropList

www install.sh GetCurses

  • RPM(s): ncurses

www install.sh GetXedit

  • RPM(s): emacs-el emacs-leim emacs-nox emacs-X11 emacs hexedit vim-common vim-enhanced vim-minimal vim-X11 xemacs-el xemacs-info xemacs

www install.sh GetXimage

  • RPM(s): cairo gd-progs gd gimp-libgimp gimp ImageMagick libungif-progs transfig xfig xpaint xrender

www install.sh GetEterm

  • RPM(s): Eterm-backgrounds Eterm


www install.sh GetScript

  • RPM(s): expect perl python-docs python-tools python slang tcl tk tkinter


www install.sh GetVnc

  • RPM(s): vnc


www install.sh GetFtp

  • RPM(s): ftpcopy ncftp proftpd wu-ftpd

File Management

www install.sh GetFileMgmt

  • RPM(s): rdist rsync zoo

www install.sh GetAtk

  • RPM(s): atk

Post Script

www install.sh GetPostScript

  • RPM(s): a2ps enscript mpage trueprint urw-fonts

www install.sh GetGhostScript

  • RPM(s): ghostscript-fonts ghostscript gv

www install.sh GetPdf

  • RPM(s): xpdf


www install.sh GetMicrosoft

  • RPM(s): mtools samba-client samba-common samba


www install.sh GetMySql (obsolete)

  • RPM(s): MySQL-client MySQL

www install.sh GetDb

  • RPM(s): db

www install.sh GetGdbm

  • RPM(s): gdbm


www install.sh GetMedia

  • RPM(s): audiofile esound xmms

www install.sh GetCd

  • RPM(s): cdda2wav cdrecord cdrecord mkisofs xmcd


www install.sh GetSpell

  • RPM(s): aspell pspell


www install.sh GetCal

  • RPM(s): gcal


www install.sh GetGraph

  • RPM(s): gnuplot plotutils

www install.sh GetGroff

  • RPM(s): groff-gxditview groff

Web (obsolete with Zend Core)

www install.sh GetPhp

  • RPM(s): php-manual php

www install.sh GetApache

  • RPM(s): apache-manual apache


www install.sh GetChat

  • RPM(s): gaim jabber ytalk


www install.sh GetMail

  • RPM(s): elm fetchmail fetchmailconf metamail mutt pine procmail


www install.sh GetFont

  • RPM(s): fnlib fontconfig freetype-demo freetype xft

www install.sh GetFont2

  • RPM(s): freetype2

www install.sh GetCimom

  • RPM(s): openCIMOM openCIMOM pegasus


www install.sh GetModem

  • RPM(s): lrzsz


www install.sh GetGames

  • RPM(s): gnuchess xboard


www install.sh GetDeskTop

  • RPM(s): AfterStep enlightenment icewm WindowMaker xscreensaver

Compiler Tools

www install.sh GetCompileTools

  • RPM(s): autoconf213 autoconf automake binutils bison coreutils cpio ddd diffutils ElectricFence flex gawk gcc-c++ gcc-c++ gcc-c++ gcc gcc gcc gdb help2man indent intltool libgcc libgcc libgcc libstdc++ libstdc++ libstdc++ libtool m4 make pkg-config pth qt-designer qt-Xt qt smake splint

www install.sh GetCvs

  • RPM(s): cvs

www install.sh GetRcs

  • RPM(s): rcs

www install.sh GetGuile

  • RPM(s): guile

TCP Tools

www install.sh GetTcpTools

  • RPM(s): ethereal libpcap tcpdump traceroute


www install.sh GetDocbook

  • RPM(s): docbookx


www install.sh GetDejagnu

  • RPM(s): dejagnu

Source Code

www install.sh DevCompileTools

  • RPM(s): libstdc+±devel libstdc+±devel libstdc+±devel pth-devel qt-devel readline-devel rpm-devel

www install.sh DevXbase

  • RPM(s): aalib-devel glib-devel gtk±devel gtkhtml2-devel imlib-devel libjpeg-devel libmng-devel libpng-devel libtiff-devel libungif-devel Xaw3d-devel Xbae-devel xcursor-devel xpm-devel

www install.sh DevXimage

  • RPM(s): cairo-devel gd-devel gimp-devel ImageMagick-devel

www install.sh DevWbase

  • RPM(s): curl-devel expat-devel librep-devel libxml2-devel libxslt-devel pcre-devel zlib-devel

www install.sh DevScript

  • RPM(s): python-devel slang-devel

www install.sh DevMedia

  • RPM(s): audiofile-devel esound-devel xmms-devel

www install.sh DevGdbm

  • RPM(s): gdbm-devel

www install.sh DevGuile

  • RPM(s): guile-devel

www install.sh DevCurses

  • RPM(s): ncurses-devel

www install.sh DevPhp

  • RPM(s): php-devel

www install.sh DevApache

  • RPM(s): apache-devel

www install.sh DevAtk

  • RPM(s): atk-devel

www install.sh DevCd

  • RPM(s): cdrecord-devel cdrecord-devel

www install.sh DevMySql

  • RPM(s): MySQL-devel

www install.sh DevSpell

  • RPM(s): aspell-devel pspell-devel

www install.sh DevFont

  • RPM(s): fnlib-devel fontconfig-devel freetype-devel

www install.sh DevFont2

  • RPM(s): freetype2-devel

www install.sh DevXbase2

  • RPM(s): glib2-devel gtk2-devel


Tony “Ranger” Cairns - IBM i PHP / PASE