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PASE: RPM Scripts

(replaced by OPS product)

Replaced by OPS product see this link to start OpenSourceBinaries.


The following scripts are provided to ease the effort of setting up rpm in the case sensitive directory structure and to automate the download and rpm install of AIX Toolbox RPMs.



Download script and script.

1) Create a download directory for all rpms and scripts
call qp2term
>mkdir /QOpenSys/download
2) Click on and (above)
and ftp them to /QOpenSys/download (binary ftp), 
then change the scripts to executable (chmod below)
call qp2term
>cd /QOpenSys/download
>chmod +x *.sh
3) Follow the Package Manager instructions for rpm and wget setup.

See PackageManager for details.


No Open Source software is installed yet, only a directory /QOpenSys/download with and (nothing can be downloaded at this point). However, if you wish to look at the scripts to see what they do you can gain much insight into the actual mechanics of RPM download and install process over the web (and cut/paste if you want to create your own scripts).

call qp2term
>cd /QOpenSys/download
>wwwinstall --help



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Tony “Ranger” Cairns - IBM i PHP / PASE

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