Installation of phpBB 3.0 on i is a relatively simple task. For this guide, we will assume that Zend Core and MySQL are already configured and running on the system.

  • Go to the phpBB Website and download the latest stable version of the software. For me, this was 3.0.0 .
  • Unzip the downloaded file to your PC.
  • Create a folder in the Zend Core directory on your IFS. For my install, the path was ‘/www/zendcore/htdocs/forum/”.
  • Copy the contents extracted from the ZIP file into the new directory created on the IFS. This can be done using most FTP programs as well as with Operations Navigator.
  • Create a database in MySQL (be sure to write down the database name, user name, and password) :
  1. Go into the PASE environment (STRQSH)
  2. cd /usr/local/mysql/bin/
  3. $ mysql -u root
  5. GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON phpBB.* TO “phpBB”@”localhost” IDENTIFIED BY “password”;
  7. EXIT
  • If all of the requirements pass on the first page (and they should), click Start Install.
  • On the Database page, choose MySQL with MySQLi Extensions.
  • Fill in the same database information that you used when creating the database. If everything works you will get this screen.
  • Continue to the next screen and create your administrator account for the bulletin board.
  • Fill in the rest of the screens in the installation process.

phpBB is now installed and ready to use.


This is specific to our environment because of the configuration of our multiple Apache Servers (See PmWikiInfo). I had to add a couple of entries to our httpd.conf file on our Port 80 Apache server to facilitate the proxy passthrough to our Port 89 Apache server where ZendCore PHP resides.

Example additions of new PHP application to /www/seal1/conf/httpd.conf:
ProxyPass /forum
ProxyPassReverse /forum