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Pivot: Install

Installing Pivot on i 6.1 is very straight forward. For this guide, we will assume that you have already installed Zend Core and have it running.

Update: The chmod command is allowed from qshell. So to set file permissions:
  2. CD /path/to/your/htdocs/
  3. CHMOD 777 file-name
Files and/or FoldersCHMOD
weblog→ 777
weblog/archives→ 777
weblog/images→ 777
weblog/pivot/db→ 777
weblog/pivot/templates→ 777
weblog/pivot/pv_cfg_settings.php→ 777
weblog/pivot/pv_cfg_weblogs.php→ 777
weblog/pivot/db/(all files and folders)→ 777
weblog/pivot/db/standard-00000/ (all files and folders)→ 777
weblog/pivot/templates/ (all files and folders)→ 777
A default blog is created when you install Pivot. To make sure Pivot is properly functioning, click the “Rebuild the Frontpage(s)” link at the top of the admin page and then open sitename/installdirectory to view the default blog.


This is specific to our environment because of the configuration of our multiple Apache Servers (See PmWikiInfo). I had to add a couple of entries to our httpd.conf file on our Port 80 Apache server to facilitate the proxy passthrough to our Port 89 Apache server where ZendCore PHP resides.

Example additions of new PHP application to /www/seal1/conf/httpd.conf:
ProxyPass /news
ProxyPassReverse /news

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