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Pivot is a simple PHP application used to implement a weblog. It uses no backend database, so MySQL or PostegreSQL are not required. The following is an section I have copied from the official site:

Pivot is a tool, written in PHP, to create weblogs and other dynamic websites. Pivot is Free (as in beer speech), and easy to use.
Because you place the software on your webserver, you do not need any tools on your own computer, but you can use all of Pivot’s functionality through your web browser. This way you can use your Pivot from wherever you like, once you have it up and running.
Pivot requires no additional libraries to run, nor any databases like MySql. This is because we want to make a tool that is useable by as many people as possible.
Some of the features of Pivot are:
  • Sophisticated Categories/Weblogs system, so you can maintain several weblogs and publish your entries how you like;
  • Template based. Fully adaptable to your wishes;
  • Built in simple search tool.
  • Keeps simple statistics of how your visitors came to your site;
  • Easy to upload and include pictures with your log-entries;
  • Allows for making thumbnails of uploaded images;
  • Comment system that remembers your visitors (if they wish);
  • Automagically creates RSS- and Atom-feeds;
  • IP-blocking,to prevent certain people from leaving comments;
  • Automagic Archiving by week or month, and/or by category;
  • Optionally supports full wysiwyg editing of your posts (IE5.5+ on windows and Mozilla 1.3+ / FB 0.6+ on all Platforms);
  • Supports Textile, both in entries and in comments;
  • No external databases are required, just plain PHP. This is to ensure Pivot runs on as many servers as possible.
  • Makes valid xhtml, when possible.