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PmWiki: Contact us

This page contains information about some ways to contact the developers of the PmWiki software installed on this server.

If you have an objection about the content on some website other than, contact the owners of that website, not us. We only develop the PmWiki software which someone downloaded and installed on their server. Asking us to change or remove such content is like asking Bill Gates to configure Notepad on someone else’s Windows computer.

Questions about the software should be asked on the site “talk” pages or on our public mailing lists. See also How To Get Assistance.

Bugs should be reported to our PITS issue tracking system, or on our public mailing lists.

For security bug disclosures please e-mail Petko with cc: to Pm.

The primary author of PmWiki is Dr. Patrick R. Michaud (Pm) who can be contacted at

The current core developer of PmWiki and webmaster of is Petko Yotov who can be contacted via e-mail at If you need assistance with our software, please read How To Get Assistance.


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